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May 12, 2012
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Mass Effect Chibi Group by Amaya3004 Mass Effect Chibi Group by Amaya3004
I've been planning on drawing chibi Mass Effect characters since the second game but the characters never turned out right but with the third game out and :icontroodon80: Troodon80's references I decided to open up those chibis again.
Of course, I had to draw Female Shepard and Thane first but, like :iconsandikarakhim: BlueLagoon4 I'm gonna try to add new characters to the pic every week or so.

Characters So Far:
Added 3/10/13
Male Shepard is finally in the picture. He's based on my textbook manager from the Mass Effect Too Soon picture I drew last year. He was very pleased at my drawing of him! Also I added an awesome background. I really wanted the Illusive Man's but that was proving far too challenging and I was running out of time, this tutorial really helped with the sun, :iconqzma: [link]
The space background and starfield came from another tutorial by :iconczarnaarcher: [link]

Added 2/9/13
Javik has finally been added!

Added 12/9/12
MY COMPUTER IS ALIVE!!! A week off of drawing fanart is horrible!?
Kai Leng and James are officially in the picture and as pure some requests Kai Leng has a box of cereal? James was surprisingly super easy to draw for me. Anyone else think James looks like a juice head version of Puck from Glee?

Added 10/24/12
My mini shadow broker characters are complete! Tela Vasir and Feron are now included! Feron is in his comic book outfit b/c it's ugly but it's uniquely his! Vasir is ready to charge someone!

Added 10/13/12
The Shadow Broker. He took WAY longer than I thought he would...He is so weird to draw. I made sure I drew him extra big b/c he is a HUGE guy. I still laugh when I see my lil' femshep in a punch out with him.
I'm glad she has confidence but did anyone believe femshep could really go toe to toe with the shadow broker?

Added 10/3/12
Shiala from Mass Effect 1. I got into an asari thing and I drew a whole bunch of them and I remembered lil green Shiala on Illium! Not technically a villain but you did have to fight her to get to the next point of the game. I just realized, she fought Commander Shepard...and LIVED!! I need to give her her props!

Added 9/26/12
Ms 'Don't f with Aria!' Aria is now in the pic. I know she isn't a villain but she is definitely renegade and could probably take over the galaxy if she wanted

Added 9/21/12
The first villains of Mass Effect Saren and Benezia! I changed the background to red and blue b/c now it looks like the villains are going to be making their appearances. Oh no! That means I have to draw Kai Leng?! NOOOOOOOO

Added 9/5/12
EDI is in the pic now! I actually drew EDI first but it didn't seem right that Joker wasn't drawn at the time. Her color threw me off but I think she turned out adorable!

Added 8/29/12
Finally got around to submitting Joker. I'm kind of bummed out that he didn't become a romantic option in ME3. Oh well... I decided to draw his chair because Joker standing up is just weird, he need's to be in his leather seat
Added 8/22/12
The Illusive Man, gotta admit one of the few men that has nice hair in the mass effect galaxy.
Added 8/15/12
Yeoman Chambers is now in the pic. Another character that ticked me off that she had bangs and my shepard barely has a strand of hair for bangs

Added 8/8/12
Finally added Legion! Someone recommended me to draw Legion doing the robot and because I also had a complete drawer's block on how to draw Legion I went ahead and drew him dancing with his lil' head pieces up.
"Shepard-Commander, this unit has it going on!"
:star: All the Mass Effect 2 squad members are present and accounted for! :happybounce:

Added 7/25/12
Samara and Morinth. I was going to draw Morinth in her normal outfit but I thought it looked better if she wore the black version of Samara's outfit. Personally I like Morinth better in my pic, but I haven't saved her once in all of my files.

Added 7/18/12
Zaeed Massani!

Added 7/11/12
Kasumi Goto, the best but not the the most famous thief in the galaxy! I'm kinda disappointed Kasumi and Jacob didn't hook up, which is probably why I went ahead and positioned her next to him.

Added 7/4/12
Happy 4th of July to all!
Grunt has been added! Why WHY couldn't Bioware give me Grunt as a party member!!! Mass Effect 3 feels empty without a Krogan!

Added 6/27/12
Everyone's favorite psychotic biotic Jack! I am so upset I let her get possibly killed because I didn't realize that Grissom Academy mission will become unavailable...I didn't think I was going to like Jack in ME2, but I'm a sucker for tragic backstory and also Shockwave was really super SUPER awesome.

Added 6/19/12
Mordin Solus - He is the very model of a scientist salarian! Seriously that scene in ME3 made me want to pour one for my Salarian homey!

Added 6/7/12
Miranda Lawson - Everyone's favorite big bosom Cerberus Officer. I like Miranda, maybe because I have a close relationship with my sister and Miranda is such a good big sister.
Jacob Taylor - I really REALLY wanted to like him but Thane overshadowed him so SO easily.

Added 6/05/12
Urdnot Wrex! My absolute favorite character from the first game!

:star: The original Party Members of Mass Effect 1 are all in the picture!
Thane is special though that's why he was first!

Added 5/30/12
Crystal Shepard (NOT default Femshep, mine has blue eyes) When I use her in the game, the pyromaniac achievement is never far away. Hehehe
Kaidan I love his voice actor but Kaiden you are making me wish I picked Garrus for Crystal Shepard!
Ashley Williams (Don't mess with her she's got her boomstick out and she's not afraid to use it!)

Amaya Shepard
Thane Krios
Garrus Vakarian ( I am not a Garrus fan but DANG I LOVE how I drew Garrus here!)
Tali Zorah
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One would think someone would in fact make a anime series out of this someone who knows what the hell there are doing
Amaya3004 Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'd watch an anime based on my Shepard. It would have a lot of comedy as well as awesome action!
jkillyleagh953 May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Very good ;) Still PLENTY to go still, includung
*the councel
*Doc Chokwas (or whatever the old girl's name is)
*God chil----actually forget him. He doesn't deserve to be part of Mass Effect

But I have faith that this will be perfect once all the main characters are here ^^
Amaya3004 May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Well for now, I want to work on some other stuff but I will probably come back to this eventually
jkillyleagh953 May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hope so, it's a nice thing. Still, wish you luck with the other art ^^
dropit141 Mar 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Impressive job, each character is very detailed! 5/5!
Amaya3004 Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! Troodon80's :icontroodon80: references helped out so much!
only got one thing to say to this. That 923 runtimes agree that...


that is all
Amaya3004 Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thank you, I think
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